Made by Massimo Lunardon as a special production for Sweet Bella, these ‘bombons’ are for pencils or flowers or any small thing (or nothing at all).

Designed and made by a couple in Japan. The husband crafts the keyaki (Japanese elm) base and the wife stitches up the squares of vintage kimono fabric she’s collected for many, many years. Colors will vary.

MR. BRUSHSHOE natural beech and horsehair shoe brush
Located in the former Home for the Blind in Berlin, the workshop which produces these brushes employs fifteen blind artisans using traditional craft techniques that the Institute for the Blind has developed over the last 120+ years.

along with these via I’m Revolting

2 Responses to “SWEET BELLA”

  1. Anna says:

    Those pincushions are great! Any idea where they might be found?

  2. Erin says:

    Anna, whoops! I forgot to link to Sweet Bella on this post. It looks like they have a way to order the products through their site if you inquire through “contact us” on their site. http://sweetbellausa.com/personal-accessories/pap/

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