Looks like my friend Kindra got a new fence by ro/lu!

8 Responses to “NICE!”

  1. celine says:

    that is a really awesome fence!
    ro/lu is a pretty cool company!thanks for sharing

  2. can i get one of these fences in my tiny bk apt? maybe a mini version for the fire escape? love.

  3. jokemijn says:

    seems like a very special company! i like their work on their website.

  4. I Love these horizontal fences!! and they are here in Mpls? Cool!

  5. oh funny! Just clicked over to their website and saw my friend Emily’s backyard…LOVE!

  6. okay…scratch that…wrong Emily but all their work is gorgeous…will stop filling up your comments now and get coffee so my brain can function properly…

  7. kindra says:

    we think it’s quite nice too!

  8. brandeye says:

    i so love that fence! we were just looking at our fence last night and thinking we need a new one. i’m saving this pic for our files.

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