Woodworkers, crafts people and designers have decorated sheds in the purpose to stimulate interest in locally produced and sustainable materials. The sheds that are located in Nääs/Gothenburg. This shed is a timber in the traditional way but has a different layout. The timber is visible inside and the ceiling is covered with birch bark. The door can be folded out to create a small glass veranda. The newly manufactured windows are made in a manner that was common around 1900.”

from Elisabeth’s (Fine Little Day) Dispatches from Sweden on Poppytalk.

4 Responses to “MY KIND OF PLACE”

  1. rae says:

    who needs stars when you can have a birch bark ceiling to dream on!

  2. that birch ceiling is beautiful. what a beautiful space.

  3. jokemijn says:

    i absolutely love the ceiling, could lie on my back staring at that for a long time.

  4. that ceiling is breathtaking.
    and the whole project seems so be an interesting and worthwile one.


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